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in the relentless pursuit of joy

handmade. heartmade.

in the relentless pursuit of joy


The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. — Eden Phillpotts

If modern life is an effort to balance logic, form and function with the radical, relentless pursuit of joy, it often seems we're forced to choose one or the other.

And yet, the natural world has shown itself to be insanely beautiful despite the fact that it doesn’t have to be.

Mamha is a vibration of appreciation, from my searching heart to yours, for the fact that Mama Earth always chooses the joyful option.

There are a lot of different things on this site, but the majority of them are bowls. Hand-made, heart-made vessels to hold what most needs holding for you.

A nourishing meal to feed your body.
A candle for contemplation.
The wedding ring of the marriage that doesn't fit anymore. 
A crystal for healing.
The small and wondrous gifts from the hands of a young child.
Flowers and herbs for making your magic.

There is nothing perfect here other than my intention to set off the vibration in you. To remind you of your intentions, your magic, and your power to seek and manifest your joy.

You are magic.

I am magic.

We are insanely beautiful.

We are heart-made, too. 



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